Social Return


The Sports Inspirator platform is a social return of 4itruvian in the sport. The founders of the 4i-model have earned their stripes in the sport and want to give inspiration and high quality information back to society. It represents a shared value of the 4itruvian team and is an example of how communities can be built on the model of 4i.  

  • Identity: is an online platform for people who seek inspiration in sports to shape workouts.  
  • Inspiration (problem): professionals worked at the top of professional football and in movement education. In top sport they were responsible for the implementation of a talent vision in youth training. However, to have new training inspiration on a daily basis is very time consuming.  
  • Information: By looking at other sports and collecting information on abstraction, inspiration can be gained for football and training forms can be devised (transfer of learning). 
  • Impact (solution): 4itruvian has guided them to get a clear view on this problem, to make suggestions and to solve it. A community has been started where inspiration for sports activities is shared. To facilitate this process, the training vision has been translated into an online platform where new inspiration can easily be found. This platform is now widely shared with the professional field free of charge.  "
"Is this platform totally for free? Amazing content and inspiration...."
-   James Parr (physical trainer Manchester United)   -  


“Great platform for all teachers and coaches, I’ll forward it to all my colleagues in elite gymnastics” 
-   Member of faculty Sport & Movementsciences Ghent University    -